Sebastien Croteau has been training metal vocalists, throat-singers enthusiasts, and voiceover talents for more than 15 years. His unique approach to rough vocal effects, his contagious passion for the craft, his science-based approach, and his mastery of vocal effects make him one of the most sought-after vocal coaches for creature vocalizations and vocal stunt work.

Sébastien Croteau

He has been teaching at the National Institute of Sound and Image in Montreal, but also for The Halp Network (Los Angeles), Wonderland VO (UK), BRAVA UK, and many others.


As you might imagine, our workshops center around creature vocalizations, vocal stunt work, and vocal health for extreme sounds. Each one has been crafted to better serve voice talents in search of general as well as in-depth training.

The Extreme Voicing Series has been designed by Sebastien Croteau to share his extensive experience as a vocal coach in creature vocalizations and vocal stunt work. Delivered with just the right mixture of fun and knowledge, this series is a must for anyone looking to start their journey in creature voice acting.

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Extreme Voicing Workshop 1

Monster and Creature Sounds for video games

Level: Beginner / Intermediate



Discover the voice techniques behind monster and creature sounds in video games. Each category of creature and monster has a specific voice type and voice technique related to it. You will learn all about it and what to do when preparing for an audition or a recording session for these specific sounds.





Extreme Voicing Workshop 2

The Art of Environmental Sounds (Onos & Grunts) for video games

Level: Beginner / Intermediate



Environmental sounds are prevalent in video games. Effort, running, block, idle, attack, choke, and death sounds (among others) can be heard everywhere. This workshop is an introduction to those sounds and how to perform them realistically. You will learn about each sound's stress level (and how to identify them) and what to discuss with the voice director before a recording session. You will also learn about the most common type of environmental sounds and how to perform the different variations required.





Extreme Voicing Workshop 3

An introduction to vocal distortion and vocal stunt work

Level: Beginner / Intermediate



Extreme sounds are prevalent in video games and movies, and vocal stunt work is challenging for any voice talent except... if you are a trained vocal stunt performer. This workshop is an introduction to learn more about vocal distortion and vocal stunt work, the myths surrounding them, the science behind it, vocal health for extreme sounds but most importantly, it will give you tips and tricks on how to warm up properly for vocal stunt work.





Private Voice Lessons


Do you want to familiarize yourself with rough vocal effects or creature vocalizations? Have you already produced rough vocal effects and are worried about your vocal health? Do you want to fine-tune your vocal abilities or receive a vocal assessment and build a training program to get comfortable with vocal stunt work? We offer private lessons for beginners and professionals alike.

- Just book and pay directly on our website.
- You can pay by the hour or you can purchase a bundle of 5 hours and receive a discount.

1h personal coaching:


5h personal coaching:

If you are on Skillhub, Sebastien is also available there as a private coach.
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Creature Voice Reel


Are you looking for someone to guide you in creating a creature voice reel and showcase your creature voice acting abilities? We offer our expertise to help you craft a memorable and authentic creature voice reel.

This package includes 2 hours of preparation, one hour of reviewing existing material, and one hour of voice direction. Please note that it does not include the recording costs.